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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sanjay Dutt on his rules for “Manliness”… time warp stuff.


Astroturfing. Get ready for much more of this.


Poo paper proves divine piece of luck
Mark Magnier
The Sydney Morning Herald
19 March 2011

JAIPUR, India: A thousandkilometre journey begins with a single step. Sometimes that step leaves a little something on your shoe. Vijender Shekhawat’s big break came while visiting a shrine near the Amber Fort in Jaipur, India, when he glanced down at th…read more… 

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Sari sight ... Kristina Keneally presents the Indian Subcontinent Community awards on February 18 at Government House. She says the new awards were set up in response to community demand.

Sari sight … Kristina Keneally presents the Indian Subcontinent Community awards on February 18 at Government House. She says the new awards were set up in response to community demand.

HUNDREDS of thousands of taxpayer dollars are being poured into awards for ethnic communities prominent in seats being contested by some of the government’s most senior MPs, including the Labor leader in waiting, John Robertson.

The awards, costing $300,000 and created in the past three months, are being handed out by the Premier, Kristina Keneally, to members of the Indian, Lebanese, Vietnamese and Filipino communities at official ceremonies held at Government House.

But their proximity to the election raises questions about whether Labor is using public funds and resources, including the Community Relations Commission, which is administering the awards, to shore up its campaign in western Sydney.

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Last night ... the Filipinos line up to get their community awards.

Last night … the Filipinos line up to get their community awards. Photo: Ben Rushton

After the federal election, the former premier Morris Iemma said Labor had been dumped by its ethnic heartland in crucial western Sydney seats.

The Lebanese awards, announced on January 30 by Ms Keneally and the Labor MP for Granville, David Borger, were given out by the Premier on Tuesday night. Mr Borger did not attend, but is understood to have sent his apologies.

Mr Borger, who is the Minister for Roads, is defending his seat against the Lebanese-Australian candidate for the Liberal Party, Tony Issa. Granville is home to a large Lebanese community.

On Tuesday ... the Lebanese get-together at Government House.

On Tuesday … the Lebanese get-together at Government House. Photo: Dallas Kilponen

The Filipino awards, which were announced on February 1 by Ms Keneally and the Transport Minister, John Robertson, were handed out last night. Mr Robertson is Labor’s candidate for Blacktown and a possible future leader. He attended last night’s presentations.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data from 2006 reveals Filipinos comprise the largest overseas-born group in the Blacktown area, at 5.9 per cent.

The Vietnamese community awards will be handed out tomorrow. They were jointly announced by Ms Keneally and Labor’s MP for Cabramatta, Nick Lalich, on January 31.

The original ... the Premier's Chinese Community Service awards on February 8.

The original … the Premier’s Chinese Community Service awards on February 8.

Mr Lalich, on a margin of just 7.2 per cent, is fighting for his political future against a Vietnamese-born Liberal candidate, Dai Le, in a seat which has a large and influential Vietnamese community.

The inaugural winners of the Indian Subcontinent Community Awards were revealed at an official ceremony held on February 18, after their creation was announced on December 22.

The awards were announced by Ms Keneally and the Labor MP for Macquarie Fields, Andrew McDonald, who is the co-convener of the Parliamentary Friends of India. This group was created by the government in late November. The chairman of the NSW Community Relations Commission, Stepan Kerkyasharian, said the commission was ”just facilitating these awards” after having been asked by Ms Keneally to administer them.

”If there is a political perception, it’s not as a consequence of anything that the commission has done,” he said.

Ms Keneally said the awards were created in response to calls from community groups to recognise community service in a similar way to the long-running Premier’s Chinese Community Service Awards.

Looking very fetching in a sari…

Guernica / The Un-Victim

Sunday, 20 February 2011

The thing is you have to understand, Amitava, that the people who say such things are a certain section of society who think they are the universe. It is the jitterbugging elite which considers itself the whole country. Just go outside and nobody will say that to you. Go to Orissa, go to the people who are under attack, and nobody will think that there is anything remotely controversial about what I write. You know, I keep saying this, the most successful secession movement in India is the secession of the middle and upper classes to outer space. They have their own universe, their own andolan, their own Jessica Lal, their own media, their own controversies, and they’re disconnected from everything else. For them, what I write comes like an outrage. Ki yaar yeh kyaa bol rahi hai? [What the hell is she saying?] They don’t realize that they are the ones who have painted themselves into a corner.

Arundhati Roy on the middle class in India


MUMBAI — The Mahindra Group has acquired a minority stake in luxury brand The East India Co., both companies said Monday.

The joint statement didn’t give details of the deal.

London-based The East India Co. was established in 1600 to trade in commodities such as silk, cotton and tea, and was responsible for a large chunk of global trade for more than two centuries. It was re-launched last year, as a luxury brand selling high-end food products.

The East India Co. plans to invest $100 million over the next five years, expanding into markets in Asia and the Middle East, it said in the statement.

The Mahindra group owns Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., India’s biggest sport-utility vehicle maker by sales, and outsourcing company Tech Mahindra Ltd.

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And it comes a full circle! Only a minority stake but the once colonised are now taking back their history!

Chinese expansion fears revealed

Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Australian intelligence agencies suggest China could overestimate its own capabilities with a significant risk of strategic miscalculation and instability.

”The nature of the [People’s Liberation Army] and the regime means that transparency will continue to be viewed as a potential vulnerability. This contributes to the likelihood of strategic misperceptions,” the document says.

”The rapid improvements in PLA capabilities, coupled with a lack of operational experience and faith in asymmetric strategies, could lead to China overestimating its military capability. These factors, coupled with rising nationalism, heightened expectations of China’s status, China’s historical predilection for strategic deception, difficulties with Japan, and the Taiwan issue mean that miscalculations and minor events could quickly escalate.”

Need a clear-eyed analysis such as this for India as well