In the time honoured tradition of being one of those who talk about people who do things as opposed to those that actually DO things, I’m pleased to start posting information about desis I read about or hear or see in the media (in Australia and New Zealand). The definition of desi’s is very broad here- anyone who looks like one, has a name like one or even sounds like like one will be featured here. The first one that caught my eye is (drum roll, please) geophysicist Dr. Prame Chopra.

Dr. Prame Chopra

I read about him in the Sydney Morning Herald in a story about how he was forced to choose between his job in academia at the Australian National University and a role as a Director in Geodynamics Ltd, a company that seeks to tap geothermal energy from hot rocks deep below the earth’s surface to generate power. There was a nice photo too of a distinguished looking gentleman, but the online version of the story does not carry the photo. The photo above is from his profile at the company’s website.

Geothermal energy is getting a lot of attention as for its potential as a renewable, clean, quiet and substantial source of electricity without greenhouse gas emissions. How substantial? Dr. Doone Wyborn co-founder of Geodynamics Ltd, says

“If you had one cubic kilometre of rock at a temperature of say 250° and you drop the temperature of that cubic kilometre by 100° then the energy equivalent that you would obtain is the energy equivalent to about 40 million barrels of oil which is quite a large oil field by Australian standards.”

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