Mardangi – Sanjay Dutt

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Sanjay Dutt on his rules for “Manliness”… time warp stuff.



Poo paper proves divine piece of luck
Mark Magnier
The Sydney Morning Herald
19 March 2011

JAIPUR, India: A thousandkilometre journey begins with a single step. Sometimes that step leaves a little something on your shoe. Vijender Shekhawat’s big break came while visiting a shrine near the Amber Fort in Jaipur, India, when he glanced down at th…read more… 

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Not for hard-core nationalists

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Prospect Magazine: Issue 154, January 2009

Mumbai’s bloodied elite
The Mumbai attacks hit India’s rich the hardest. They may now take democracy more seriously

Elegant apartment blocks stand tall above the gardens of Malabar Hill, the most exclusive district in south Mumbai. The area juts out on the far side of a bay, like the thumb of a hand stretching for the sea, as if trying to keep at arm’s length from the body behind. Property prices here rival downtown Manhattan. When the smog isn’t too thick, residents can gaze east across Back Bay, to see the city’s seething downtown fingertip. Few places would have given a better view of the smoke rising from…
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That Indian accent again!

Friday, 11 May 2007

Via turbanhead a link to MC Vikram and Ludakrishna’s Greatest Hits, here.

More information is provided:

For those who have never heard of MC Vikram or his sometimes sidekick Ludakrishna, they are two Indian-Americans who have fused comedy and hip-hop / rap along with their experiences growing up as Indian Americans. There are plenty of references to the burping “uncles” (burping out loud after a meal or whenver you feel like is not considered rude in Indian culture but makes young Indians cringe when elders do it here in the States), drinking Frooti (a very popular mango drink available in small cardboard squeezeboxes), wearing lungis (sarong-like cloth worn my men in India) and of course being an FOB (fresh off the boat).All the songs are parodies of popular rap/hip-hop songs interspersed with short skits. Both MC Vikram and Ludakrishna have performed at various colleges and universities in the US (usually at Indian Student Association sponsored events.)

So sit back, relax and get FOBBED out.

I have no idea what getting ‘fobbed out’ entails and don’t think I care too much either after having listened to a few of their juvenile ‘songs’. My apologies for sending you there, if you did go.

What interests me here, though, is that it seems that making fun of the Indian accent is a growth business; not just caricatures by Westerners but by Indians themselves. When desis do it, it seems to be a reverse cultural cringe: Indians seeking to ingratiate themselves with an Indian and/or Western audience by making fun of the Indian stereotype. It serves a dual purpose, perhaps, as a form of rebellion against their parents by caricaturing them. Their embarrassment at being offspring of such Indian Indians is palpable. If only the songs had been funny, I’d have forgiven them. Sadly, they are not.

Wonder what those who take offence at the ‘racial’ depictions of the Indian accent make of this phenomenon.

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