MUMBAI — The Mahindra Group has acquired a minority stake in luxury brand The East India Co., both companies said Monday.

The joint statement didn’t give details of the deal.

London-based The East India Co. was established in 1600 to trade in commodities such as silk, cotton and tea, and was responsible for a large chunk of global trade for more than two centuries. It was re-launched last year, as a luxury brand selling high-end food products.

The East India Co. plans to invest $100 million over the next five years, expanding into markets in Asia and the Middle East, it said in the statement.

The Mahindra group owns Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., India’s biggest sport-utility vehicle maker by sales, and outsourcing company Tech Mahindra Ltd.

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And it comes a full circle! Only a minority stake but the once colonised are now taking back their history!


Chinese expansion fears revealed

Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Australian intelligence agencies suggest China could overestimate its own capabilities with a significant risk of strategic miscalculation and instability.

”The nature of the [People’s Liberation Army] and the regime means that transparency will continue to be viewed as a potential vulnerability. This contributes to the likelihood of strategic misperceptions,” the document says.

”The rapid improvements in PLA capabilities, coupled with a lack of operational experience and faith in asymmetric strategies, could lead to China overestimating its military capability. These factors, coupled with rising nationalism, heightened expectations of China’s status, China’s historical predilection for strategic deception, difficulties with Japan, and the Taiwan issue mean that miscalculations and minor events could quickly escalate.”

Need a clear-eyed analysis such as this for India as well