Racism in Oz?

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Such differing views on whether racism is present in Oz in the latest Q&A TV program. To Todd Sampson, an outsider who moved to Oz about 10 years ago it is plain to see. Those born here and seem to not see it even if they are ethnics like the young Asian from Sutherland Shire. Germaine Greer’s description of the subtle racism of the educated British matches my experience in Oz. An inherent belief in their own superiority (and others’ inferiority) allows Australians to be be very ‘nice’ to people and that is supposed to demonstrate that they are not racist. This does not apply to the redneck racists who just hate ethnics of any flavour- these are the people who were drawn out of the woodwork by Pauline Hanson and co-opted by John Howard’s dog-whistle politics. See the program here.