Touchy- yet out of touch- monarchists

Monday, 28 July 2008

As one who refused to take up Australian citizenship until there was an option to pledge allegiance to the people of Australia instead of the queen (sorry, no capital ‘Q’ here), I am supremely ambivalent about the constitutional monarchy we have in Australia.

To me, it is a back door way for retaining the exclusionary ‘Australia’s heritage’ arguments for the diehard old school (mainly, it seems) Anglicans who see themselves as arbiters of what is and is not ‘Australian’. They are a vocal and extremely influential minority though, and are going to have to be dragged into the 21st century kicking and screaming.

Face it, the monarchy is irrelevant in Australia; apart from a few archaic constitutional conventions, it exists but in name. But it does have a symbolic significance and should be turfed out if for no other reason than to acknowledge the lack of its relevance to our lives.

It’s a sign of the times that we see the monarchy being mocked in the public domain these days. Here is a billboard advertisement for a South Australian brewery:

Coopers beer ad upsets monarchists

The monarchist rump (now that’s a useful term!) is actually expending energy to protest about this sort of stuff. A link to this story is here.

Someone should tell them to get a life or move and live it in Old Blighty.


2 Responses to “Touchy- yet out of touch- monarchists”

  1. Royalist Says:

    If the Australian Monarchy (sorry, only capital letters) is irrelevant, why do you get so upset about it?

  2. shrimpy Says:

    Ha – should’ve opened the post with that picture! Selective blogging certainly elicits fun posts from you. I’ll be applying for citizenship later in the year, and am super pleased that there is the option to pledge allegiance to the people of Australia.

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