21- maybe 50- Bum Salute

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Anti Bush protesters show their all in a ' mass moon' at Hyde Park.

With all the seriousness going on with the APEC meeting at Sydney, it is fun to see how good ol’ Australian disrespect of authority is still alive and kicking!. Here’s a protest that gave an approximately 50-bum salute to the ‘War Criminal Bush’ [Link].

The Bums for Bush campaign was hailed a success by organisers,
even though drizzling rain kept many protesters away from the
mooning anti-Bush protest.

Around 50 people lined up at Hyde Park’s north end and mooned an
audience of several hundred people, including supporters and

This, soon after the security measures were shown to be woefully inadequate after the ‘boys from The Chaser’ managed to get within a hundred metres of Bush’s hotel’s entrance with one of them dressed up as Osama bin Laden! [link]

We really should be grateful that our Australian cops are so unused to this sort of high security that they are actually incapable of successfully carrying these repressive measures designed by skittish politicians afraid of their own people.

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