Mankinis on Martin Place

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD was the site of an exciting competition for the best Borat-inspired mankini. Sydney Morning Herald columnist David Dale got his knickers into a knot with all the excitement, waxing lyrical about the “pimply cheeks, hairy buttocks and waxed nether regions” of the contestants”.

We read on to learn that

A sobering, if not disgusting, display of the male anatomy, the parade of five finalists had the hosts, radio talk jocks Merrick and Rosso, squirming, especially when contestant number three, Steve of Rockdale (aka “Pubes of Fire”), performed a few cartwheels and risked full-frontal exposure.

Expert judges evaluated the contestants on “hair displacement, cuppage and tortion (sic)” and then awarded the prize to one Matias Stevens.

First prize was return tickets and a five night stay for two in Kazakhstan. Wonder if the second prize was a TEN day stay there….

Read the full report here.

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One Response to “Mankinis on Martin Place”

  1. tom Says:

    were did u get ur mankinis from??
    theres a group of squaddies wanna no please
    if u can email me back please

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