Vote Lamb on Australia Day!

Saturday, 27 January 2007

As promised, Sam Kekovitch is back with a thoroughly politically incorrect advertisement for eating lamb on Australia Day. It starts off by saying

Un-Australianism remains as prevalent as unexposed genitals on a reality television show….

With traditional Aussie pastimes such as Pommie and greenie bashing, and littered with Aussie icons such as the Hills hoist, barbies and the beach, he sends out his message in the form of a political message for the Australia Day Party (whose logo is the Southern Cross that forms a lamb chop).

See the video here. A slightly different audio address to the nation is here.

His policies include replacing tax cuts with lamb cuts, using nuclear powered barbeques for greater grilling power and testing migrants on their ability to use barbeque tongs. He also suggests that we could use the terrorists responsible for bombing Australians (and the odd Pom) in London, to fill gas bottles- ‘the occasional explosion won’t bother them’.

All in all some practical suggestions on how to be a dinky-di, fair-dinkum, true blue Aussie.

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