Fair Dinkum Manjit

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Yesterday, on Australia Day, we saw a documentary about Manjit Boparai, a Brisbane cabbie who is really grateful to this land of Oz and considers himself a fair dinkum Aussie, that is to say, he is a true blue Aussie.

He was inspired to ‘pen a song’- Song Australia– celebrating the country and all it offers and this got some airplay on a local FM radio station. He then sets to to make a video clip for it. The documentary follows Manjit in his cab as he goes around getting support from celebrities and politicians for his project and the actual filming of the video.

When I started seeing the programme I thought this was another cringe-inducing demonstration of a desi trying to ingratiate himself with the locals by living up to their stereotypes. However, it turned out not to be so. Mainly because Manjit’s enthusiasm and self-belief are so infectious that you can’t help but smile along with him and his funny accent.

And the song itself… well, you be the judge! Listen to a sample here.

Goodonya Manjit! Seems like you have certainly bought into the dream.

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One Response to “Fair Dinkum Manjit”

  1. Thank you brother for including in your site.

    Great regards,

    Manjit Boparai

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