Hinglish hits the radar!

Friday, 5 January 2007

I like a lot of stuff that comes out from NPR but was not impressed by this little news story about what they call ‘Hinglish’ or a blend of Hindi and English that we speak in India. Listen to it here:

powered by ODEO

Firstly, why should anyone be surprised that India has it’s own version of English- after all America, Ireland and Australia, to name a few, all do too. Secondly, some of the words that they find quaint probably would not be by a British audience- so NPR makes the mistake of interpreting things through its own rose-tinted glasses. And lastly, does anyone else notice a hint of more than amusement at the tactic of asking someone to read from the Wren & Martin grammar book? I felt it was not just the content of the book that they were bringing to our attention but they were also having a dig at the accent and diction of the reader of the passage too.


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