B-Schools beeline to India

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

It pays to remember that the provision of management education such as MBA degrees, is as much a business as a way to provide certain skills. Indians have been travelling to the US and UK and other countries to get their MBAs for decades. But only now are the worlds business schools making a beeline to set up in India, for ‘research’.

They, like everyone else, have seen the colour of money that the Indian middle class will throw at getting the next status symbol. The pity of it is that we Indians will probably take this as another feather in our cap, smugly telling each other how important we are and how the world is now acknowledging our greatness.

Update: I got sent a link to another story on this.


Sound Horn OK Tata Use Dipper At Night

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Take a look at this excellent claymation of a Bombay taxi driver who is saving up money to buy an air conditioned cab. The seth, the hijras, the politicians, and other assorted people in this are too real!

The Ugly Australian…

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

So the Australian cricket team behaved like louts in India. Well, that is about par for the course. But certainly one of the better images to come out of this was this one:

Gadha Martyn

And now they are trying to get to Monty Panesar! Well, despite what is written in the press, I would think it is pretty hard to unnerve a sardar from Ludhiana with just jibes and sledging. Let’s see how he copes over what will certainly be a torrid time for him in Australia.

I was listening to the commentary at around the time this incident happened and remember one of the commentators saying ‘ this is the least of his worries’ on the tour.