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Tuesday, 15 August 2006

It’s India’s independence today and the desh turns 59 today. India Shining may have been an empty slogan but there is, in India today, a spring in the step, a not-so-quiet confidence and ebullient optimism about the future. It certainly looks that we are finding our place in the world.

But there also other things that we seem to overlook in the current state of progress. Are they more evident to me because I am an NRI? Maybe there’s too much caution and skepticism in the thinking of people like me who grew up in India in the sixties, seventies and eighties.

August 15 also has a special meaning for me personally as that was the day, years ago, I made decisions that changed my career and life and eventually brought me to Australia.

So, with this blog, I start another adventure. I join the commentariat and get on the soap-box. I only hope I can add some value in this noisy arena. There are no sacred cows and robust (but civil) discussion is welcome. I do not guarantee consistency, fully-baked views, or political correctness. But I hope to shed light AND generate heat.

Posts may be infrequent while I get into the habit; but do check back every now and then.


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